FINRA Issues Investor Tips for 2019

FINRA recently issued an Investor Alert containing essential tips to assist individuals to invest with confidence and care in the coming year.

  • Do not wait to begin to invest for retirement. By waiting, investors often miss out on the ability for their money to grow over time.
  • Put money aside for emergencies. An inability to pay for emergencies can have a snowball effect and make a difficult financial situation only worse.
  • Make sure you understand the nature of the products in which you are invested, including the potential risk factors like costs, liquidity, and volatility.
  • Manage the risk in your investment portfolio by spreading your funds among and within different asset classes.
  • Take time to verify the investment professional and brokerage firm that is responsible for managing your money. It is important to understand your investment professional’s background, work history, qualifications, licenses and the existence of any potential red flags, such as customer complaints or regulatory actions.
  • Check with an investment professional or trusted friend or family member before you decide to take an investment tip and place your funds at risk.
  • Be wary of investment offers that you receive via a cold call. Caution yourself before acting on an unsolicited investment offer as it could be a fraudster trying to get you to fall for a scam.
  • Understand your tolerance for risk and make sure that your investments are in line with that risk tolerance. Typically, the higher potential return for an investment means you must take on greater risk, including the increased chance of losing your investment.
  • Be mindful that scammers are always looking to exploit investors, especially senior citizens.

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