I transitioned my practice to an independent B/D platform in 2019 after 23 years in the business. When I did this, I had to explain the one single customer complaint I had on my U4 to my new potential employer. I was told by compliance that if my case met certain criteria, I could hire an attorney who specializes in securities law to discuss options for removal. I was referred to Greg Simon.

I called and sent all of my documents to him for review, and he decided to take my case. His fee was fair and reasonable.

In the many phone calls I had with Greg, I was prepared for everything that happened as the case was put through the arbitration process. I was very nervous, and Greg calmed my fears. On the day of our hearing, I felt prepared. Greg did an amazing job leading the hearing effortlessly; with a calm steady confidence. After the hearing, I had a very good hope for our request to be granted, as it was. A few days later, I received the email from Greg saying we won our case. I know I am only one person, but this was very important to me and to my practice. Thankful is understated. I cannot imagine having a better attorney representing my interests than Greg Simon. He is skilled at his craft, with a great passion for his good work. Thanks to Greg, my integrity and that of my practice is restored.

– Kelly D., Alabama

I can unreservedly recommend Gregory B. Simon Law, LLC should you find yourself in need of legal representation regarding a securities-law related matter. Greg Simon was very attentive to my particular situation and did a superb job advising me of my options and explaining the process on how my case would proceed. I greatly appreciate that he accepted my case even though other law firms declined me because they didn’t find the potential monetary return for them large enough. Greg Simon thoroughly researched the facts of my case and helped me value the financial losses I incurred. He was very responsive to my questions and kept me advised on how my case was proceeding every step of the way. I'm extremely grateful for Greg Simon’s professionalism, expertise, and dedication in helping me achieve a favorable outcome. Do not hesitate to contact him should you require his services.

– Todd, Alabama
I was not well informed with the FINRA claim process, but working with Gregory B. Simon Law, LLC has produced excellent results for me. I was a little concerned about working with someone via internet/email/phone calls, but I have found Greg to be very responsive and handled all the issues in a timely manner. More importantly, Greg’s thorough knowledge of the financial industry and more specifically the FINRA claim process was what I valued the most. Greg took care of all the details from filing a claim through to the mediation process. His attendance at the mediation meeting was most valuable and everything went as predicted. Many thanks to Greg for his help in my financial recovery!
– Roger S., New Mexico

I can think of few things more intimidating and unnerving than securities litigation. A career and livelihood hang in the balance not to mention monetary issues. In that arena, I want a trusted advisor who understands not only the law but the nuances and politics within financial firms. I want a counselor who understands me and my point of view. I want an attorney who presents my case with authority and confidence. For these reasons, I have no hesitation in endorsing Greg Simon. His skill and reassuring demeanor guided me to the desired outcome with minimal stress.

– Mark P., Wisconsin

I am extremely satisfied with, not only, the outcome of my legal matter, but also with the process that Greg Simon used during the course of the proceedings. I was kept in the loop, but not inundated with information. Greg made sure we were prepared for every turn, and the guidance he gave me proved invaluable. I have worked with many attorneys, in many different capacities over the years. I would say that Greg handled my case with a tremendous amount of professionalism and skill. He provided truly worthy guidance. I have confidence that if I had not worked with Greg, my outcome would not have been as positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Greg to anyone. If one of my peers had a similar matter, I would have them seek Greg’s opinion immediately. One of my favorite things about working with Greg, was that he was always honest about our chances and I never felt like I had any reason to doubt what Greg said. If he thought he could help them, I am sure he could.

– Benjamin L., Washington

Prior to working with Greg, over a couple of months I interviewed several attorneys. The reason I chose Greg was because he always responded in a timely manner to every email exchange, had a vast amount of experience, and the fees for his service were fair. After working with Greg, I was able to experience his professionalism by providing realistic expectations, keeping me informed along every step of the way, and being proactive in his communication. I can honestly say that even if we hadn’t had a favorable result, I would have still recommended Greg to other colleagues.

– Jorge B., Florida

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