The Firm

Gregory B. Simon Law, LLC is a nationwide law practice that provides legal services to investors and financial advisors on a wide range of financial industry matters. Every client that retains Gregory B. Simon Law will work with experienced counsel utilizing a practical approach to your legal problems while providing personalized service throughout your representation.

Experienced Counsel

Gregory B. Simon Law has over 15 years of legal experience specialized in the financial industry representing individual investors, financial advisors and many of the world’s largest brokerage firms in FINRA arbitrations and regulatory matters. Furthermore, Gregory B. Simon Law has tried to verdict over 35 FINRA arbitrations. Clients can be comfortable that they are hiring counsel with expertise in the complexities of FINRA securities matters. Gregory B. Simon Law is well-equipped to handle your legal matter from start to finish, whether that entails negotiating a settlement or conducting a trial.

Practical Approach

Gregory B. Simon Law provides its clients with a sensible and realistic approach to problem solving. Our diligent attorneys offer candid advice about a client's best course of action, whether that means pursuing trial or weighing the risks and benefits of accepting a settlement. This practical approach is the result of the firm’s vast experience dealing with the “ins and outs” of the brokerage industry for over 15 years.

Personalized Service

Gregory B. Simon Law provides its clients with quality and experienced counsel at every stage of your legal matter. The firm provides strategic legal services that are unique to your particular situation and desired outcome. Furthermore, every client can be assured that their case will receive the competent attention of a senior attorney who will keep them well informed along the way.

Please contact us for a free consultation and receive an honest assessment of your case and best course of action.

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