Tips For Choosing a Securities Attorney

An investor who believes that he or she may have suffered losses as a result of their financial advisor's misconduct may consider pursuing an arbitration claim before FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). Before an investor initiates an arbitration filing, the investor must decide whether he or she is going to retain an attorney to assist with the matter. As most investors only have one opportunity to pursue a claim for compensation, the decision to retain an attorney is a critical.

A recent article in FINRA's Alert Investor Newsletter co-authored by FINRA staff and the PIABA Foundation explored this subject in an article entitled "Securities Arbitration - Should You Hire An Attorney?" The article takes an in depth look at the importance of not only hiring an attorney, but one that is experienced in FINRA arbitrations. Furthermore, the article gives guidance on how to locate an experienced attorney, including relevant questions to ask, such as "how will you represent my interests?" As the process governing an arbitration claim will likely be unfamiliar to an investor, seeking out an experienced securities attorney is often a wise decision. Keep in mind that the brokerage firm that an investor is suing will almost always have experienced counsel defending its interests and guiding it through the arbitration process.

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